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Welcome to Big Marco Boat Rentals in Marco Island, Florida.

Want to enjoy all the perks of a boat without the added costs and hassle of boat ownership? We have deck boats for rent that are big enough to fit all your friends or family. With 4 sizes ranging from 19 feet, 21 feet, 22 feet and 26 feet, there is something to accommodate everyone.


We offer daily rentals as well as multi-day rental – check out our boats here.


Below are some commonly asked questions about boat rentals in Marco Florida

How old do you have to be to drive a rental boat?

You have to be 25 years old. You also have to have a boaters safety card if born on or after Jan 1 1988. If you do not have one you will need to  take a boater safety course online to rent a boat.

Click here to take the 90 Day Temporary Boater Safety Test (about 30 minutes)

Click here to take the Florida Lifetime Boater Safety Course and Test (about 3 hours)

Can I drive a rental boat if I do not speak English?
You have to be able to speak and understand English to be able to rent and drive a boat. If you cannot speak English then we cannot rent a boat to you.
Are there fees associated with my rental?
You will be responsible for paying for a fuel top off at the end of your rental. This top off can range in pricing and the credit card you reserved your rental with will be charged.
Is there a delivery charge? What if I want to pick up my boat instead?

There is a delivery charge of $100 as we need to show you how to properly tie up the boat and go over a safety checklist with you. If you’d rather pick up your boat, you can have free pick up if you pick up and drop off the boat at the Collier Boulevard Boating Park (the intersection of Collier Blvd and Capri Blvd). This only applies to a single day rental, not overnight.

How will you know where to drop my boat off at?
During the checkout process, you will be provided a form to fill in the information we need to make sure you get your boat delivery.
Alcohol and boating?
Do not drink and drive. It’s the LAW! If you get a BUI (Boating Under the Influence) it goes on your permanent driving record. No kidding! FL State is 0.08 when driving a boat, just like a car.
How long is the rental period?
You can pickup or we can drop off after 8 AM. You need to be back to the original spot we met you by 5 PM or the time we arranged. The boats cannot be out on the water after 5 PM.
What happens if we are late for our pickup time?
We try to work with every person and sometimes things happen. We schedule 30 minutes for your pickup. If you are going to be late please let us know ASAP so we do not cause delays for the other boat renters. After 30 minutes after your scheduled reservation time, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation as to affect as little other boat renters as possible. If we cancel your reservation due to being late there is no refund.
What if we are late getting back to the dock?
When you pickup the boat we will go over the dropoff time. If you are going to be ealy or late please call us. If you are after 5 PM there is a $2.00 per minute charge after 5 PM. No driving after Dusk Ever!
Do you have Maps?
We have Maps that we will go over as part of our checkout process. We will go over the tides, shallow areas and no wake zones on the map. We will show you how to get to where you want to go and also some other options.
What is your Cancelation Policy?
You can cancel your reservation for a full refund minus a transaction fee up to 48 hours before your scheduled reservation. The Cancelation Fee for a daily rental is $25. The multi day rental cancelation fee is $25 plus 5% of the total amount charged. We do allow you to change the date of your rental if we have availability on the new day you request.
What do we do if we have questions still or when we are on the water?
Please just call us. We are here to help you have a good time on the waters around Marco Island. If you have questions before you book a boat just call us. If you are out on the water and need claification or have a question please just call us. Our number is 239-448-0001. All of us at Big Marco Boat Rentals love being on the water and have boated these waters for 20 years.

Deck Boat Rentals In Macro Florida

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